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Gow Park / Craighead Cottage

Gow Park Fishing

Locals know to go here. Just down the hill behind Craighead Cottage, one of Fergus’ earliest homes, you’ll find a perfect spot to throw the line. A small cave opposite the river (which leads to fishing spot #4) helps calm the waters and promotes a great spawning ground. If you’re looking to catch (and release!) a big brown trout, show up here.

Pierpoint Park

Pierpoint Park

A fly fisherman’s dream. Shallow waters, wide river, and a long stretch will bring a grin to your face. But be sure to get there first as this is a popular spot. There always seems to be someone with an ‘I almost had it!’ story.

Blair Park / Grand River Arboretum Trail

Grand River Arboretum Fishing

Opposite Gow Park and Craighead cottage you’ll find Blair Park and the Grand River Arboretum. Multiple trails lead down to the river for a chance to catch the fish as they travel.

Confederation Park

Confederation Park Fishing

Located on the East side of Fergus, Confederation Park has some of the best views in Fergus. This place is perfect for both the professionals and the entire family. Whether your looking for the monster brown trout or just looking for a picnic and fish experience, this is it.

Templin Gardens

Templin Gardens Fishing

Right here in Downtown Fergus is some of the best fishing you’re going to experience. Stroll down the stone steps of Templin Gardens and cast off.

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